A Promising Development

January 30, 2007

In my recent posts, it was never quite accurate or fair for me to refer categorically to “the left” and to “liberals” as a unified whole with clear agendas and uniform positions.  After all, I don’t consider myself to be a conservative or a neoconservative or any of that.  I’ve always staked my efforts and sympathies with the left.  But since I live in one of the most liberal cities in the world, have worked for the “model” third party democrats, etc., and came to feel like my liberal values weren’t getting their due, I did begin to feel like everybody who called themselves a liberal, a democrat, a leftist, or a progressive had to be part of the large group that had taken up with bullies, idiots and fascists.  It’s time for a mea culpa.

Apparently, all along, I wasn’t alone, which means that the crowd of pro-fascist jerks wasn’t as big as I once thought.  I wasn’t the only one feeling alienated or feeling confused as to why my attempts at debate with my colleagues in the field were being snuffed.  Even beyond this continent, people were dealing with a left who wanted you to shut up or ship out… unless, of course, you could come to the job bushy-tailed, with a bag of anti-American slogans and half-baked theories about the imperialism of informatization.  Some of those folks, seeing the dire need of a new statement of intent, have got together and published a document called the Euston Manifesto.  It shows that there is a contingent of democratically minded folks who understand what’s wrong with terrorism and what’s right with the Enlightenment and all that jazz about Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.  They prove that you can call for reforming the WTO, IMF and World Bank without cheering for fundamentalism.  It’s heads over hearts, its real analysis, and it’s a genuine vision.  I’m all for it.


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